Erin Murphy Links

Erin's Current Website Erin's official Web site - it's back and it's better than ever!
Erin's Archived Website Erin's official Web site has gone through some changes over the years. You can visit her old site through the magic of the Internet and the Wayback Machine! Follow the link to the left and you'll see a list of dates when her site was archived! Some of the more recent links will just be the TV Toys Web site, but the older ones will bring you back to her site and some of the links actually work!
Erin's Blog Erin Murphy is now officially a blogger. Check out her latest thoughts published by hers truly.
Thursday's Child Erin is a board member of this organization.
Children's Miracle Network Erin is national spokesperson for this organization. The site listed is hosted by Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.

Bewitched Links

Breen from London has a terrific Bewitched link page. Check it out

First the biggest and the best. The following three sites are generally considered to have the most pictures/information/memorabilia/etc.

Bewitched Central Originally owned and run by Alix North, I took over this site a couple of years ago. The main attraction to this site is the Message Board. If you want to talk directly to some people, though, there is a chat room.
Vic's Bewitched Page You could spend hours on this site. It has pictures, clips, autographs - I could go on and on. It is also the host site for "The Bewitched Critic".
The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Website This site has a good number of Erin-related things, including an interview they conducted with her and pictures and sound from her (and Diane's) surprise visit to the set of "Juvenile Jury", where they surprised Dick Sargent, who was a guest on the show that day.

And in no particular order...

The Bewitched Who's Who This is a well-done site. The Webmaster shows a good understanding of the creation of a Web page and presents a lot of interesting items.
1164 Morning Glory Circle OK - you love the Bewitched house and want to make your own but just don't have the floorplans? The floorplans to the house is just one thing that you'll find on this site.
The Bewitched Homepage This site is a bit slow, but it does have some decent pictures in its gallery.
Bewitched Incantations Ever wonder the words to just about any incantation used on the show? This page should satisfy your curiosity.
The Witches Realm Online This site includes a poll and a trivia question.
The BlinkTwitch Mailing List The BlinkTwitch is a mailing list that covers both Samantha Stephens and Jeannie. The site does have some good pictures, though.
Bewitched There's not a lot of content, but it's a nice little site.

Elizabeth Montgomery Links

TV Schedule for Elizabeth Montgomery TV-Now is a great way to see what is coming up on television for the upcoming month.
Elizabeth Montgomery - an Appreciation This site has a lot of good images.
The Elizabeth Montgomery Page This site has a couple of unique photos and has a listing of Elizabeth Montgomery's career that is constantly being updated.

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