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This is the Bewitched Site originally created by Alix North, run in the past by Chipper and currently run by Broph.


This site is dedicated to the classic American TV show "Bewitched". If you were were looking for a message board for the musical group B*WITCHED, follow this LINK now.

The site is heavily under construction, but there are parts that are currently working:



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Be sure to check out the new books from Herbie J Pilato. "The Bionic Book" and "LIFE STORY THE BOOK OF LIFE GOES ON". Details on getting your copies are on the Bewitched Memorabilia page.


The Bewitched Board

(a message board for fans of Bewitched)

The Chat Room

(a JAVA-based chat room - open 24 hours a day)

Bewitched Memorabilia

(People like you and me can buy cool Bewitched swag - even
30 years later!)

Bewitched Links

(a growing list of Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery sites)

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