The Bewitched Chat


OK, testing mode is well under way. You currently have 3 choices for chat:

The NEWEST CHAT is CGI-based - no need for JAVA and such. It's also based right here on this server - if you have gotten to this page, the chat should work. OK, here's the scoop - the screen is very simple and there's not much control in the way things are set up right now - although there are add-ons to give us some more control. For now, lets just try things as they are.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE - the chat room is more of a live message forum - THE MESSAGES STAY! What I mean is, you chat with other people and you all leave the chat room - the next person or group of people who enter the room will have the full text of what you say, so if you want to keep something private, this may not be the place to write it. To see what I mean, visit the chat, write something, go to another Web page, go back to the chat room and what you wrote will still be there. I'm sure this is something we'll address if people like the idea of this chat room.




The CHAT we've been using for a couple of weeks now






A couple of quick words on Girl's room to make it easier for you guys to test out.

1) You do NOT need a password and you do NOT need to sign up! You do have to supply an original nickname (for instance, there was already a "Broph", so I'll have to come up with something more original).

2) You do NOT need JAVA. Below the button to enter the room are 3 options on how to chat. One of these options is EZ Talk Web - it works by reloading the pages every few seconds. The color changes are a little strange as new lines are added, but it is an easy way for the non-JAVA people to be able to join us in "live" chats.

This is all I have for now - as people give feedback or have questions, I'll add more to this.