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Rob Turner hosts a weekly cable-access show in Salem, MA called MovieTime. Rob should have a site dedicated to the show soon, but until then the world will have to live with the crummy graphics I get back from the drugstore.

Rob has often said that the secret to the success of MovieTime is his diet - if he could live on only one food in the world it would be pizza. He hasn't even touched chocolate since "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" - the scariest movie known to mankind.

Rob wears a toupee?! No - it's just that some shows are more stressful than others. Remember - he has to work with Paul Bisson!

Where does he get those wonderful toys?! Many MovieTime shows include props that are very realistic. Rob has collected movie memorabilia for years; working at a movie theatre and a video store has helped his collection.

The lightsaber was lent to the show by a friend, but trust me - the thing looked real (at least as a lightsaber can be in this day and age).

People often ask how long Rob and the crew spend working on the script for each show - the truth is, there is no script! They review hours of movies, look for memorable scenes that can be discussed and develop an outline, but much of the show just happens.

Rob gets help in each show from his co-hosts. You can never tell until you tune in who his co-host for any particular show will be.

Behind every great (great?) man is a greater woman. Sometimes Rob's fiancée, Melanie, stands in front of him instead.

The Internet can be a great source of research for the show. Movie facts and trivia are researched to be used to heighten the entertainment for the viewing audience.

The lights dim and the crew gets ready. Cameras are rolling and the cue music begins...

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