Links of People I Know

Some of my friends have their own Web pages. You can access them by following the links:

The Bewitched Page

Run by Chipper, The Bewitched Page has a message board for Bewitched, a Chat Room, Trivia, Images and lots more.

Zones of Evil

Bryan Fortin is on of the key players at a place known as Zones of Evil.

David Lima

David Lima enjoys metal detecting, building plasma globes and dressing to the nines.

Pat Durante

Pat Durante's page has information about his work, his wife, his new house and his band - Cricket in the House.

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher concentrates on metal detection on his page.


Links of People I Don't Know

Some people I don't know at all have some great Web pages. You can access them by following the links:

Erin Murphy

Although I've met her twice, I wouldn't say that I "know" Erin Murphy. You may remember her from her days playing Tabitha on "Bewitched". Having recently returned to California, Erin is in the process of re-establishing her acting career while running her own business "Bewitched Memories".

Eric Harshbarger has a fantastic page dedicated to Winona Ryder.


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