The "E Fashion Emergency" With Erin Murphy


Here's Erin backstage at the Family Channel's "Home and Family" show. There's lots of last-minute activity getting ready for the show. Although this episode ran at least twice, the Family Channel was recently purchased by Fox and the "Home and Family" show no longer airs.
She's a little nervous and very excited about the show. Erin has amazing energy and it must be an effort to keep it all bottled up - especially at times like these.
One last joke for the camera "Don't I look great?" I think the makeover was a success.
And the show begins with a joke about that old show she was on - "Bonanza?" That show is a pet peeve of mine, but that's another story.
Erin shows some great body language here. You can notice how her feet are pointed towards the hosts and her left hand rests comfortably on the couch near them. This is very open, comforting body language that tells people that she is comfortable being near them.
The classic one shot with a winning smile.
And we take one last look at the complete before and after, this time including the makeup and hair.

The show ended with some outtakes that weren't really intended for the show.


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