The "E Fashion Emergency" With Erin Murphy


The premise of this show is that since Erin is moving back to the Hollywood scene, she may need a little help in the fashion department to get her ready for her return to acting as well as the talk show circuit.

Erin had taken time off from acting to get married and raise a family.
The voiceover at this point was saying that when you're a Mom, you kind of let your looks go a little. Erin, if that's where your looks are going, I'm sure that many would like to follow.
Since they were so close, the production team visited the backlot that has the fascade for the house we know as belonging to the Stephens family - 1164 Morning Glory Circle, Westport, CT. It still stands (it's actully been renovated in the last few years) and has been used as a background in other TV shows as well as movies.
Here we see Erin pleading with "E" to do "Fashion Emergency". Wait a minute Erin - if the cameras are rolling, aren't they already DOING "Fashion Emergency"?
How much does Erin love her fans? THIS MUCH!
Erin must have won over the production crew - the cameras kept rolling and the show went on...








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