The "E Fashion Emergency" With Erin Murphy


The first part of Erin's makeover was clothing. She needed something that she could wear under a number of circumstances, but most importantly for talk shows. This was referred to as the "Sexy Secretary" look.
I thought that the dark outfit really contrasted well with her light hair - really made it stand out.
There's that smile again.
Phillip Bloch was Erin's fashion consultant. I think he may have been worried that Erin was carrying some concealed weapons.
This is a pantsuit with an eggplant-colored top. Phillip liked it because it was dark, but not just "black black black".
The plunging neckline of the shirt and the addition of a necklace help make this outfit a winner. Erin's hair still stands out well and the pantsuit gives her amazing versatility.
Of all the outfits she tried on, this seemed like the most fun. It's a simple black dress with some gold accents at the extremeties. While Erin decided it wasn't quite right for talk shows, she said that it would be good for many occasions.
A close-up shows some of the interesting designs on the top of the dress. Again, a necklace adds a little something to the overall feel of the outfit.
Even with pantsuits women have so many more choices than men. This outfit had sleeves with little ties that matched the front closure (a little hard to see with this screen capture). A blue top completed the ensemble. I wonder, though, what it would look like had the colors been reversed.
This light-colored outfit was a departure from the other outfits. Although the design was interesting, it didn't seem quite right for her.
Erin always seems to be dressed well for her personal appearances. She had told me that she feels comfortable in the wardrobe she chooses for such occasions and I think it shows.
The tie closure on the front of the jacket was a departure from the other outfits Erin tried on for the show.
One last outfit was tried. Again, it was a pantsuit, but this time it had a bit of a metallic sheen to it - very different material.
As in Highlander, there can be only one - a decision had to be made and Phillip was the one who made it. From the selection that was available, I'd say that he chose wisely.
I think Phillip had almost as much fun as Erin did that day.
What good would a fashion makeover be without a "before and after" shot? In this case "E" does not disappoint, although I think a more solid, lighter background may have been a better choice for the "after" shot.
Erin was kind enough to do a little twirl to give us the full effect of the outfit.

Next came Erin's hair.


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