This is the area where Erin Murphy signed autographs at Spooky World in Berlin, MA. Off to the right is a shopping area that sells Halloween-related items. To the left is the entrance to the haunted house after the "Time-Sliding Hayride". Above the "desk" where Erin sat, there was a large moon with a mechanical wolf that would rise up as if howling at the moon.

Not many people bring cameras to Spooky World. I brought 2 (forgot Rob's digital camera at home). One of the people helping Erin that night used my point-and-click Olympus to take this picture while I carefully held my beloved Canon. Yes, I'll spare you the suspense. That's me on the left in the red sweater (it was cool and RAINING that night!). Erin is the one who looks like Erin, Endora is dressed in leopard, you know Rob already and his buddy John was able to join us.
Erin was kind enough to pose for a picture for me using my Canon. She had just been outside checking out some of the Spooky World attractions, but you'd never know it by looking at her (the rest of us got DRENCHED!). I think she looked super that night - the blouse she wore that night was an absolute knockout. Now how did that water bottle get into the picture? Hmmmmmm.

Erin had hoped to visit Salem while she was in the area for Spooky World, but alas, Salem was a good hour drive and time did not allow her to visit the city. Therefore, I have started a new feature for the Completely Unofficial and Unauthorized Erin Murphy Site: The Tour of Salem that Erin Murphy was Unable to Take.

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