The Bewitched Links created by Breen from London

This is Breen's Bewitched Links Page, as close to how it was when he had to take down the page. Some things have changed since the page was last up and I will do my best to make corrections as I can, but I wanted to get the page up quickly in the middle of some other projects I was working on.

Hi I'm Breen from London. This is my Bewitched Page, which I just use as my personal bookmark access to all things Bewitched. There's nothing original on it. But please feel free to use it.

Cast Members.

Bewitched Memorabilia: This page is maintained by Bill Morgan from TV Toys, and it's owned by Erin Murphy herself (that's her on the left). She sells Bewitched-related rare photos, autographs and merchandise. She makes personal appearances and you can find her schedule on her site. Erin recently moved to California and her last known E-Mail address - is not currently working.

Some recent photo's of Erin can be found at Rob's Celebrity Page, check them out.

Kasey Rogers can be contacted on I'm not aware of other ex-cast members who are both on-line and willing to be contacted.

Hollywood: Dick York A Geocities page.
Alice Ghostley Mailing List A mailling list (I first found the link on Chippers page).

The Notice Board.
Message Board - Official Site This is a great place where Bewitched fans chat about the show. Erin and Kasey themselves also post here occasionally. (The picture to the left is taken from the Message Board site.) It was originally maintained by Alix, but it is now been taken over by 'Chipper'.

The Three Best Fan Sites (To my knowledge)
The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Page: This is known as the EROLS site, and is one of the two original (premier) sites. Among it's many great pages, is a search engine which lets you search the Bewitched episode guide.
The Bewitched Home Page: This is the other original (premier) site, and was originally owned by Alix North. It is now maintained by 'Chipper'. It contains the Bewitched Noticeboard (see above).
Vic's Bewitched Page. A home page devoted to Bewitched. After a lot of hard work by Vic (Victor Mascaro), this is now the THIRD premier site. (Not necessarily the third best, I mean it's one of the best three). See also within his site the excellent reviews of Bewitched shows by 'The Bewitched Critic' , the very talented Scott Viets.
(Note this picture is an animated picture of Sam twitching her nose. It's taken from Vic's site. To see it properly have a look at his version. Note also the picture of Sam with the present in the top right-hand corner is from Vic's site. The background (if I have it on, which I usually don't), is also a Xmas present from VIC.)

The Elizabeth Montgomery Page This is a good page with (when I last looked) a very nice photo of Liz. This page also belongs to Victor Mascaro (

Chat Rooms
Bewitched Chat Room This is a 'Talk City' facility. It is "Girl's" chat room.
Another Bewitched Chat Room This is Marissa's chat room.
Chipper now has a chat room at his site (the
The Bewitched Home Page ).

The Bewitched Convention.
The first official Bewitched Convention was being organised for 1998. However it has being postponed until 1999 (the current word on the street is that the official Bewitched Convention is officially off the front burner). See
The Bewitched Convention Site for details, or contact Grant at (For your information, in case it may be relevant in 1999, the event was to be held the weekend of October 23-25th at the Burbank Airport Hilton, in Southern California. The (800) number for reservations was (800)468-3576. There was going to be a special room rate for attendees of the convention.)

PS the official convention mentioned above was happening October 23-25 1998, .....but that's not important now (as Shirley says!).

Non-English Sites.
Visitez le Forum Bewitched.... This used to be the only non-English Bewitched site I know of. But then......
Bewitched Fan Club 'Girl' told me of this one, from Japan.

Other Sites.
The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Site and Club. A site devoted to the show. I think this is a recent site, and I also think it is from Tasmania? I don't know who owns it however.
Lucy's Bewitched Page. This is Lucy's page on Bewitched. Her 'front door' is here
1164 Morning Glory Circle. This is an intesting site owned by Adam R. Jones, all about the house where Sam and Darrin lived. They were taken by Warren E Butler while he ate lunch in the front yard of the Stepen's home/facade, when he had access to the Columbia Studios backlot.
Also, there are some excellent photos of Gloucester and Salem Massachusetts, where some of the episodes were held. But there's other stuff there as well. Check it out.
Mikrush Site This is a page with some nice photo's from the show.
Craig Pierce's Bewitched Site A good site with pictures and sounds from the show.
Snark's Park - Elizabeth Montgomery This is a tribute page for Elizabeth.

OneList Mailing List The idea here is that you subscribe to a list service, to talk to others about Bewitched. It's commercial in that they may send you advertising information, and you have to sign an agreement before you can participate. They have just started a Bewitched Buddies list.

If you're one of those people who were a fan of Agnes Moorehead, there's the;
Church of Endora This is a site dedicated to the adoration of Agnes Moorehead. It's maintained by Davodd (David Speakman) (when I looked he had an incredibly cool animated bat on his personal home page!). It's also part of the Bewitched Webring, on which were (when I last looked) 3 other links;
Brienne's Elizabeth Montgomery and Bewitched homepage As it says.
SueBEWITCHD's Homepage This is a page created by Susan, but unfortunately it is 'no more'. However the link is still here as she has promised a 'new and better' page soon.

'Nick at Nite' is a popular site in the States for Bewitched fans, as they have been showing Bewitched shows for several years. (This is their 'front door'.)
The Bewitched Homepage I think this is their main Bewitched site, and it is owned by MaryLiz.
The Unofficial Nick at Nite Online Homepage Nicleodeons Night-time schedule which shows many 60s/70s shows. This is a MayLiz site.
Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Page: A rather newer page, in Geocities, by apparantly the same person who used to do the (angelfire) 'Samantha or Jeannie' page. It says it's created and maintained by MaryLiz, but belongs to Heather.

Meanwhile, the UK Channel 4's Reach 4 site had a discussion thread on Bewitched (like a noticeboard). Channel 4 showed all the Bewitched episodes in order, which was fantasitc, but they stopped showing them quite awhile ago. Mail them to ask them to re-show the episodes.

Welcome to my home page (Carrie's Home Page) This is a home page devoted to Bewitched.
Jessica's Web Page This is another web page devoted to Bewitched.
Welcome, hope you have a BEWITCHING time. Another home page devoted to EM. By Jamie.
Bewitched in The Internet Movie Database The entry for Bewitched in the UK Mirror Version. In case I can't access it the US entry is here.
An episode guide. by Donna R. Lemaster. From the AVI Mall entertainment archives.
Lisa's Bewitched Page. I didn't find much about Bewitched here. Strangely enough you have to link to her 'Julie Andrews' page before you find a link to (a link to) the next site below, which is owned by one of her friends.
Look at...
Samantha and Jeannie Messageboard. (to where a lot of the Notice Board members also used to go).
Lizzie as Lizzie. This page has a picture, and a link to (a link to) the next site below.
Elizabeth Montgomery 1933-1995. A page by Bluebeard devoted to Elizabeth Montgomery.
Old Friends. Erin Murphy: Bewitched's Tabitha. By David Laurell. This is an article (part of Collecting Online?).
Flashback This was a website devoted to classic television programs. It used to have a newsletter about Jeannie and Bewitched called 'The Blink and the Twitch'. The site is now officially closed, however it still contains links to some classic TV sites, and they say there may be details of another on-line newsletter about Bewitched posted at this site in the near future.
TV Party - A Dick York article. As it says.

Celebrity Sites and Commercial.
Walls of Fame sell celebrity autographs, and they have three Bewitched photos to sell, two of which have links, the Montgomery and Sergeant photograph and the Elizabeth Montgomery photograph.
Fansites is another set of pointers to web pages. The have a page containing links at Elizabeth Montgomery - links and one with reviews at Elizabeth Montgomery - reviews. There is also a lknks site for Agnes Moorehead - links.
Starbuzz - Elizabeth Montgomery This is one of the many 'links' sites, pointing to web pages for famous people. They only had two links when I last checked (both of which I have already included in this page).
Photos of Elizabeth Montgomery from the Celebrity Photos site, which is a company that sells photographs.
Cinema Connection for EM This only links to one site.
FAO Schwarz. A company selling a Samantha doll.
Bewitched T-Shirts for Sale. This is (in their own words), an 'Online Authority for Punk, Rock and Alternative Music Merchandise', and they have a Bewitched page selling t-shirts.
A cool model kit of Bewitched?: I found this address from the noticeboard. It's a link to a commercial company. They used to sell a Samantha doll. I don't know if they still do or not.

Futurenet. You can find SFX, Total Film, and Cult TV here, apparantly. It's here because Cult TV may be of relevant to Bewitched fans.

Last updated 8 September 1998